Field Target Airgun Shooting


Field target shooting is an outdoor precision airgun shooting sport. Instead of shooting at paper targets, in this game you shoot at steel silhouettes of animals and have to get a good hit to knock the targets down. Within the silhouette is a disc, referred to as the “kill zone”. A hit in the kill zone (ranging in diameter from ” to 1”) knocks the target down and score a point. Hits anywhere else leave the target standing and are scored as a miss.

The targets are at distances from 10m up to 50m. Airgun pellets follow a curved trajectory as they leave the gun's muzzle, which means that it is necessary for the shooter to estimate the target's range and aim the rifle directly at, above, or below the target depending on its range in order to hit it. If wind is pushing the pellets to one side, the shooter must also aim left or right to compensate. Some targets may be located up trees, or be positioned uphill or downhill from the shooter. A Field Target competition course consists of 30 to 60 knock-down targets, arranged in separate lanes, each with several targets. You only get one shot per target before moving on to the next lane. It is usual to shoot from a sitting position, although some targets must be shot from a kneeling or standing position in order to add to the fun and challenge of the competition.

You can use any pellet firing airgun (BBs are not allowed as they ricochet). The under 500 feet a second airguns that are found in department stores are especially challenging as their trajectories are quite curved and precise range estimation is critical. Targets for these low power airguns are usually limited to 35m. The more powerful airguns that require firearms licences can be extremely accurate – capable of consistently hitting a quarter at 50m, in the right hands. As well as being a great sport on its own, this kind of shooting is excellent, affordable practice for hunters and a super way to introduce youth to target shooting in the outdoors.